April Meeting Recap

Important Dates!

Clark Kebodeaux, Pharm.D., BCACP

Clinical Assistant Professor at UKCOP

  • Encouraged students to work in a pharmacy
  • Participated in a Community Pharmacy Residency Program
    • Gained mentorship on how to be a pharmacist and learned how to start programs and manage medication therapy
  • When practicing in an ambulatory care clinic, patients are considered outpatients

"Every pharmacist does NOT need to do a residency!"

Trish R. Freeman, RPh, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Director, Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice

"How can we use professional advocacy to advance the scope of pharmacists?"

  • Advocated for pharmacists in Kentucky to be able to:
    • Administer Immunizations
    • Prescribe Naloxone without prescription from doctor
    • Use protocol to diagnose the flu using a rapid flu test
      • 13 different protocols to help diagnose disease/infection/etc.
  • Change perception of pharmacy from place of solely picking up prescriptions to a place of care
    • Integral to develop relationships with patients and become a partner in a patient's care

March Meeting Recap

Officer Elections - VOTE at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GM28V6Q

Jordan L. Kelley, PharmD - PGY1 Pharmacy Resident at University of Kentucky HealthCare - jordankelley@uky.edu

Katie Wallace, PharmD, BCPS - Infectious Diseases Clinical Pharmacist Director, Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Residency

  • Antimicrobial Stewardship   
    • Monitoring antibiotic use in hospital
  • One-on-one patient care
    • IV Consult
    • See sickest of the sick
    • Collaboration



January Meeting Recap


Mike Health, RPh, MBA, FAPhA

Colonel (Retired) U.S. Army

Senior Partner and CEO of Health Healthcare Consulting, Inc.

  • Chief Pharmacist for U.S. Army
  • Pharmacists are engaged in caring for healthy and wounded service members.


  • Don't burn any bridges
    • When you lead, be visible and walk around - have an executive presence
  • Treat people with dignity and respect
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Find a mentor and be a mentor
  • Earn respect though your actions and how you treat people
  • Make a difference everyday

Kaitlin Musick

PY2 Student at UKCOP

Where should you apply?

  1. Google Top 50 Pharmacy schools in country
  2. Cross schools based on location
  3. Focus your search on topics that are important to you
    • Well-established?
    • Ranking?
    • Near large hospital?
  4. Make an Excel sheet including Pre-Requisites, Tuition, Pertinent Application information

Tour as many schools as you can

  • Take a tour of the entire campus and the pharmacy school
  • Meet faculty, administrators, and current students
  • Can you see yourself fitting in there?
  • Have questions ready to ask:
    • Details of MBA program
    • Do most students comment or live close by?

Problems she ran into...

  • Email questions so you have the response in writing
  • Always attach your transcript
  • Broad course requirements
    • Ask whether a particular course will fulfill this requirement

Final Decision

  • Dual Degrees offered?
  • Large hospital in close proximity?
  • Variety of rotations available to PY4 students
  • Tuition
    • Look into applying to scholarships, financial aid
  • Talk to pharmacists you may know about the school's reputation
  • Early decision vs. Regular decision


  • Start early and submit early!!
  • Ask "Would you be willing to write a positive Letter of Recommendation on my behalf?"
    • sk early and have a "back up"
    • Write Thank You note
  • Ask peers and superiors to proofread/edit your essay(s)

Interview Basics

  • It is OKAY to be nervous
  • Interviews can include actual sit down interview, tour of college, talks with current students, and presentation from administrators/dean
  • Dress conservatively
  • Do a mock interview
    • Offered by UK Pre-Pharmacy Club
    • UK Career Center
  • Have several questions prepared for interviewee
    • What do you want to know about this program, city, associated hospital, dual degrees, student life, etc.
  • Research programs extensively before arriving to interview
  • Write hand-written thank you notes

Types of Interviews

  • Traditional
  • Multiple Mini Interviews
    • Situation-based questions
    • Generally about 2 minutes to read prompt and 8 minutes to answer
    • Work on expanding your answer
    • Attempt to tie in personal connection or story

Things to Remember

  • You are interviewing THEM just as much as they are interviewing YOU
  • Ask about Residency Match rate
  • Is this somewhere you can see yourself for 4 years?


  • Take Biochemistry
  • Take Genetics
  • Take Neuropharmacology class
  • Earlier you visit/research schools the better

Study Abroad in Germany

Study Phamracy this Summer abroad in Germany!

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy is pleased to announce a study abroad program in Germany for Summer 2018!  Travel with pharmacy professors, Dr. Penni Black and Dr. Bjoern Bauer, to Frankfurt and Heidelberg.  This program is an opportunity to see how pharmacy is practiced in Germany as well as visit pharmaceutical companies. 

Deadline to apply: March 2, 2018

pply using the following link: https://ea.uky.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=1324


Get a head start on studying for the PCAT by signing up for PCAT PREP!

A 3-part PCAT prep series is being offered on Tuesdays in February:

  • February 6th, February 13th, and February 20th from 5-6:30PM at UKCOP
  • Study sessions will be run by a Pharmacist who has taught PCAT prep in the past and students that have just recently taken the PCAT
  • Mock administration of PCAT Practice TEST at UKCOP on Saturday, April 14, 9am-1pm. (must purchase practice test)
  • If you ATTEND all 3 sessions, take the mock test, and apply early decision: Receive FEE WAIVER on the UK Supp App!  ($80 value)

$10 for 3 part series, FREE to UK pre-pharmacy club members

Sign up using the following link: https://redcap.uky.edu/redcap/surveys/index.php?s=RRWACPY9YF

Volunteer at Faith Pharmacy

Pharmacy Schools look for applicants that volunteer in the community!

Pre-Phamracy students now have an opportunity to volunteer at Faith Pharmacy during the Spring and Summer 2018. Students can sign up using the link below to volunteer on a Saturday from 9AM to 12PM. You can help a pharmacist dispense medications and consult with underserved patients. 


Upcoming SNPha Events

  • Tuesday Oct 31st: Chapter Meeting in TODD 234
    • Guest Speaker Anna Poston, a previous UK COP student and UK SNPhA member, will join us via Skype to discuss her time at UK, her residency program in Cincinnati, and holding positions on the national SNPhA board.
  • Wednesday November 15th: Monthly Service Event at The E7 Kids Café (530 N. Martin Luther King Blvd, Lexington, KY 40508)
  • Tuesday November 28th: Chapter Meeting in TODD 234
    • Interested in a dual degree program, a certificate, or the gateway program? We will have a panel of SNPhA members discussing the programs and answering any questions that you may have from a student’s perspective.