9/13 Meeting Recap

Dr. Jason T Mitchell - Director of Enrollment Management at the UK College of Pharmacy

Dr. Mitchell talked to Pre-Pharmacy students about School - Life - Work Balance and dealing with stress during college. He detailed that there is both healthy stress (motivation, drive to do better, etc.) and unhealthy stress (extreme anxiety, panic attacks, unattainable goals, etc.). Additionally, he emphasized how important it is to have a good support system, whether it be your peers at college, family at home, or an advisor for your major or college. He left students with the advice to do things intentionally.

Kelley L. Ratermann - PharmD, BCOP, Hematology/ Oncology Clinical Pharmacist, Assistant Professor, Adjuct - UK College of Pharmacy

Ms. Ratermann spoke in detail about her journey to becoming a pharmacist and some helpful advice for Pre-Pharmacy students. She also informed students of what her day to day looks like as an Hematology/ Oncology Clinical Pharmacist and different situations and roles she's been in while working in that specialty. When speaking about the profession in general, she explained that a career in pharmacy is hands on and on the treatment side of patient care. In order to be a competitive applicant, she said it's not all about GPA and PCAT score and that leadership roles, work experience, and community service are very important aspects to make a student a potential admitted student to UKCOP. Through her personal experiences, she found that the two most important things to becoming successful are good communication and utilizing your resources.