April Meeting Recap

Important Dates!

Clark Kebodeaux, Pharm.D., BCACP

Clinical Assistant Professor at UKCOP

  • Encouraged students to work in a pharmacy
  • Participated in a Community Pharmacy Residency Program
    • Gained mentorship on how to be a pharmacist and learned how to start programs and manage medication therapy
  • When practicing in an ambulatory care clinic, patients are considered outpatients

"Every pharmacist does NOT need to do a residency!"

Trish R. Freeman, RPh, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Director, Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice

"How can we use professional advocacy to advance the scope of pharmacists?"

  • Advocated for pharmacists in Kentucky to be able to:
    • Administer Immunizations
    • Prescribe Naloxone without prescription from doctor
    • Use protocol to diagnose the flu using a rapid flu test
      • 13 different protocols to help diagnose disease/infection/etc.
  • Change perception of pharmacy from place of solely picking up prescriptions to a place of care
    • Integral to develop relationships with patients and become a partner in a patient's care