Attend a Pre-Pharmacy Advising Session

Students currently applying to pharmacy school or will be applying to pharmacy school in the near future should attend an Advising Workshop on Becoming a Competitive Applicant. Dates and sign-ups are located in the link below.

Pre-pharmacy students currently attending UK should sign-up for a one on one meeting with a pre-pharmacy advisor to go over class selections, pre-reqs, and any questions YOU have about applying to pharmacy school. Dates and sign-ups are located in the link below.

Volunteer Opportunity

A great way to help the community and work in a pharmacy is by volunteering for Faith Pharmacy, located just a 2 minute walk from campus! Faith Pharmacy works with patients who are without insurance to provide medications free of charge. Faith Pharmacy is open on Saturdays from 9AM to 12PM and is currently looking for volunteers to help within the pharmacy. No prior experience is necessary! 

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the google doc below:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Courtney Simpkins (PharmD candidate 2020, University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy) at 

Faith Pharmacy - 230 S Martin Luther King Blvd, Lexington

SELF-NOMINATION For Executive Board Elections

Hello!  If you are interested in running for an executive position please click HERE to fill out the self nomination form!  Also you must email an unofficial transcript to Sharon Gonzales! (


Officer Descriptions:

The president of the University of Kentucky Pre-Pharmacy Club (PPC) will have the greatest officer responsibility. The president must plan and lead all club meetings, coordinate with the club advisor to schedule speakers and activities, and serve as the club representative at campus events. The president will provide general leadership to the club and oversee club officers. The president will create presentations and agendas for each meeting and submit them to the club advisor. The president will assist with and/or manage club communications. The president must hold 2 - 3 officer meetings each semester and meet with the club advisor twice per semester. The president must attend 75% of all club meetings.

Vice President:
The vice president will perform the jobs of the president when the president is not able to be there. The vice president is also the treasurer, which means collecting and maintain membership dues. Other treasurer duties are refunding expenses made for the club and checking the bank account with the detailed checking account book to make sure both balances match. This also means the vice president is responsible for depositing and withdrawing money from the account and is the person overall in charge of the account. At the beginning of the year the vice president is responsible for coming up with a budget and all purchases for the club must go through the vice president. The vice president should also be willing to collaborate with all other members of the executive board and help out with events. The vice president is responsible for attending at least 75% of the meetings.

The secretary will take meeting minutes and is responsible for tracking attendance. The secretary is responsible for sending thank-you emails to guest presenters within 24 hours and a handwritten note within 72 hours of each meeting on behalf of the club. The secretary will also track attendance and maintain the participation points system. The secretary must attend 75% of all meetings.

Event Coordinator:
The event coordinator's role is to communicate with the public and increase engagement among club members. He or she will coordinate Pre-Pharmacy Club activities and generate interest and participation in PPC activities. When coordinating events, the Event Coordinator must create a budget for each event and verify this budget with the Vice President. The Event Coordinator will work with the Webmaster to advertise programming through social media and the Remind system. The Event Coordinator is also responsible for updating a poster for the PPC to be used at Campus Ruckus and other events. The Event Coordinator must attend 75% of all club meetings.

Social Media Coordinator:
The social media coordinator's role is to communicate to the public via social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter, and the Club Website. He or she must consistently update each social medium with information including, but not limited to: meeting dates, a list of past speakers, upcoming events, material related to the pharmacy profession. The social media chair will coordinate with the event coordinator to advertise all upcoming events. He or she will take photographs when appropriate at each event and post them. He or she must respond to each form submission from the club website. At meetings, he or she will help other officers as deemed necessary. The social media coordinator must attend 75% of all club meetings.