Mission Statement

  • The University of Kentucky Pre-Pharmacy club serves to further educate students about pharmacy, provide volunteer opportunities, and create a community.

What is our purpose?

  • The Pre-Pharmacy Club at the University of Kentucky is a student run organization supported by the UK College of Pharmacy that aims to educate and connect students with interests in pharmacy. The club meets once a month each semester featuring guest speakers in the field of pharmacy.  These registered pharmacists come and talk about their job experience and their experience going through pharmacy school.  Our club hosts volunteer opportunities throughout the semester, lab visits, and social events with faculty and current pharmacy students. Our volunteer opportunities are usually health-care based (although this may not always be the case) and our social events are a fun way to get to know students of shared interests.  If you want to learn more about pharmacy and get connected with students like you, join the UK Pre-Pharmacy Club Today!